Lime Green Polka Dot Party Supplies

For a party that’s on point, our Lime Green Polka Dot Party Supplies are spectacularly spotted! This assortment of tableware, decorations and invitations features white dots against bright green. Perfect for picnics, holiday dinners or family gatherings, these green polka dot party supplies will have everyone seeing spots! Give your buffet table a spot-tacular look with our Lime Green Polka Dot dinnerware! With paper plates and two-ply napkins in various sizes featuring a polka dot design, your party table is looking downright dotty. Mix these polka dot paper plates and cups with solid green plastic silverware, green plastic cups for some shamrock shakes, serving bowls for your mixed greens and plastic platters for green eggs and ham! Use a solid green table cover to keep your party space clean. This polka dot dinnerware is pointedly perfect!

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