In 1940 Steve Rogers was transformed from a puny cadet soldier into the most formidable warrior in the United States Military; Captain America! Fighting with his trusty vibranium shield and enhanced speed, strength and stamina, Captain America faces off against the forces of evil from World War II Europe to current day New York.

If your son or daughter is a fan of Captain America, whether it be the film or comic versions of the character, then chances are they will go nuts about a Captain America themed party from Let’s Get This Party Started.

Let’s Get This Party Started has a full range of Captain America themed party supplies from the latest Hollywood blockbuster; Captain America: The Winter Soldier and its predecessor Captain America; The First Avenger.

We have individual items like cups, plates, napkins, and more, as well as party packs to fully deck out your special someone’s party at the best possible price. Why not give your son or daughter the ultimate birthday cake surprise with a Captain America themed spin and fight cake topper! This cake topper comes complete with a 7.6cm high figure of Captain America complete with his shield and in combat stance!

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