Turbo is the story of suburban snail that dreams of becoming the greatest racer in the world, just like his hero and five time Indianapolis 500 champion Guy Gagné. After being fused with the nitrous oxide from a supercharger, Turbo gets his chance to become everything he ever dreamed of.

If your kids love a feel good story about an underdog whose dreams make him an outcast, then chances are they will already know and love the story of Turbo the snail. And if your kids love Turbo then chances are they will love a Turbo themed party complete with Turbo themed party supplies from Let’s Get This Party Started.

Let’s Get This Party Started has a range of Turbo themed party supplies to suit any child’s birthday party requirements. With banners and blowouts, hats, tattoos, and wristbands, cups, balloons, and birthday cake toppers; Let’s Get This Party Started has everything you could want or need to create the perfect Turbo themed party!

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