Mermaids Under the Sea

Does your little girl love the idea of being able to swim and breathe under water? Are the mermaids in fairy tales as beautiful as your daughter? This mermaid theme will enchant your birthday girl and her guests, transporting them to a world of wonder and discovery.

You can plan the perfect under-the-sea birthday party with Mermaids Under the Sea theme. Featured in this theme are items of irridescent blues and purples with most items featuring a background of fading waves with either a large mermaid holding a seahorse in her hand or a seahorse by itself. Cups and balloons also feature large seashells.

In each expertly constructed Mermaids Under the Sea theme, you’ll find everything you need, from dinner and dessert plates to cups, forks, spoons and much more. Crab our Mermaids Under the Sea Party Pack and save.

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