Lion King Cake Icing Image

Lion King Cake Icing Image


Each Package contains: (1)
Round Edible icing image.
Size: 16cm diameter Edible Image.

All our icing sheets are very unique in that they are made using a special formula that keeps them natural and tasting delicious unlike other icing sheets that were popular in the past.

The Ingredients Are:
Water, Cornstarch, Glutinous rice, Glucose, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Arabic Gum, Polysorbate 60,Citric Acid, Vanilla Flavoring.

What Do they Taste Like:
While some icing sheets don’t have a pleasant taste (or any taste for that matter), our icing sheets have a soft non-grainy texture that melts in your mouth with a delicious vanilla taste.

Are the Toppers Vegetarian and Gluten Free?
Yes they are and contain more natural ingredients than the currently used icing sheets so I guess you could call our sheets organic.

However we cannot guarantee they are completely free of any traces of nuts as they may have been made on machinery that was used in the production of nut products.

How long will the Cake Toppers Store for?
Typically they can be preserved if kept in the original air lock bag for 12 months.


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